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National Bank of Georgia Headquarter

Project information
Our service Architecture
Year 2019
Location Tbilisi / Georgia
Area 17 000 Sqm
Project status In progress
Project team Nino Tchanturia / Luka Chaganava / Amiran Shariphashvili / Nikoloz Jabadari / Vakhtang Tskhovrebashvili
Project description

On the path of human evolution, it became necessary to create a unit of value (money), that has undergone significant changes over the years. Nowadays for managing and regulating the credit system, there is the National Bank, which is the driving force for the stability and development of the state. In the modern world precisely, money is a unit of value, whereas in the free world value is changing constantly – in terms of time, environment, priorities, development. This interpretation became the basis of the concept of our project proposal. Then we specified this general idea and made it the part of the architecture. We believe that the architectural volume, united under a solid idea, time, changes, generations. Many buildings throughout the world and Georgia, as well, testify to this fact. Precisely, the variability of values has become a kind of inspiration for us. Based on this idea, on the main facade we created circular moving columns, which rotate several times a day and change it visually. Also, worth noting: two moving bridges connecting the adjacent block. The change on the facade is unpredictable which is effective and quite emotional, given the scale. Considering the existing landscape and environment, we decided to make the horizontal composition and extend the volume to the red lines, as widely, as it was possible.

The project building consists of three blocks, connected with each other. In the middle of them, there is a cozy courtyard, in the center of which there should be a museum and a training center. We aimed to build the construction that would relate to the environment in a harmonious way. For this, we placed two “legs” of the building close to the rocky slope, as if the whole geometric volume is the part of it. This feeling is reinforced by the verdant roof, that is the extension of the existing ecosystem. The building is fully faced with roughly treated basalt slab. The inner side is open to the yard as much as possible. Thus, we get an interesting contrast of the brutal facade and minimalist glass, that is well visible from the main road. There are used three bridges, including two moving ones, in order to simplify the connection between the blocks. They play an important role in facade.

We used some distinctive details to emphasize the main accents of the building. The most important of them are the rotating circular pillars. They represent an architectural expression of the overall concept of the building. The painting of the central pillar replicates a detail of the logo of the National Bank of Georgia. Besides, it is symbolic that the binders of massive stone details are of the color of first so called “Kolkhuri Tetri”.

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