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Hotel Zeg

Project information
Our service Architecture · Interior design
Year 2019
Location #27 Kote Abkhazi (Leselidze) St. / Tbilisi
Project status Finished
Project team Nino Tchanturia / Luka Chaganava / Vakhtang Tskhovrebashvili / Amiran Shariphashvili
Project description

The day after tomorrow, that is called “Zeg” in Georgian, is the name of the hotel with 27 rooms, located in old Tbilisi, on Kote Abkhazi street, on the second and the third superstructure floors in a two-storey building. Initially, the total area was divided into the storing-rooms of different types, which were later adapted to the requirements of the hotel. After the dismantling process, we used old marble slabs from one of these spaces for covering the reception desk. Besides, we preserved the main staircase leading from the basement floor to the upper 1st floor, with its old railings. As its extension, there was arranged a minimalist staircase on the 2nd upper floor, that creates the contrast and emphasizes the importance of the existing one. The interconnection of different tones and colors is a distinctive element of the overall interior. With the colors and textures under the lightnings of different types there is created coziness and relaxed mood. Through large-format wooden windows, the environment intrudes into the interior and fills it up.

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